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“…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

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Essential Advice on "HOW" to Practise


One of Jacob's former students meets Kenny Aronoff (acclaimed recording-studio drummer)

•  THE HABIT TO ESTABLISH (CONSISTENT EXCELLENCE) - Once you have encountered a "challenge" (Ex. Dynamics, executing a phrase at the suggested tempo, articulation of a particular rhythm, phrasing etc.) Divide & Conquer this "challenging" section of the music into smaller musical phrases and improve these "challenging" sections separately. Slow down the tempo and repeat these sections until you can play them both relaxed & "naturally". Then, PRACTICE this habit by putting these "extracted phrases" back into context, in order to facilitate "musical-continuity". Ultimately everything you perform will be relaxed and "natural" both to you and your audience.

PATIENCE & PERSEVERANCE - Developmentally, progress may appear to be slow. However, working on both patience (that's patience with yourself) and perseverance, you stand to gain skills and develop the tools that will stay with you for your entire life. Look for the results of your progress weekly, rather than daily.

"Modern Drummer" magazine Rick van Horne (senior editor)

•  TEACHER'S ADVICE - As a Private Drum Teacher, I have your best interests in mind. My intentions are to give you the advice to assist you in developing the skills you will require for well-rounded musical development. I have an understanding of what you will need in order to be successful. Unfortunately, at times, some students become preoccupied with learning "Impressive Patterns or Solos" to the point that they neglect to practice the actual lesson. Remember, these "Impressive Patterns/ Solos" that are here today and gone tomorrow, will do you absolutely no good, unless you have made the time and effort to develop the essentials to consistent excellence in drumming. When "this" is our focus, then and only then, you will realize that you and I will have the necessary time to examine both a more varied and more in-depth approach to musical styles that are challenging and rewarding to you. You will be pleasantly surprised to find that you are enjoying musical styles that before, you may not have enjoyed or for that matter, were unaware existed, previously. Spending the appropriate time improving these are part of the essentials that will enable you to acheive consistent excellence for success.

•  THE ENJOYMENT - Playing repetitive "hand" or "foot-technique" exercises, reading-skills exercises can be enjoyable when you understand they are guaranteed, when practised correctly, to improve you performance. You can make everything you play, including "hand-technique" and reading exercises, sound as musical as possible by utilizing dynamics, articulation, and musicality to its highest level. For example, approach your entire lesson each and every time as if you are preparing a performance, on a weekly basis, in front of a live audience. If done correctly, you'll find this to be absolutely one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling experiences.

•  ADVICE, ADVICE, ADVICE - When you have questions, ask, email or call. See Contact. It's that simple!!! Following the above advice will help you succeed, and after all, that's what it's all about.


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