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“…we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

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Instructional - Education Articles pg 1




Practice Guidelines "variable" approach
Consistent Excellent Developing a Habit
Building Stylistic Concept Steve Houghton

PAS Rudiments pg 1 P.A.S.
PAS Rudiments pg 2 P.A.S.
Diagram Drumstick Positions
Etude for Stick Rebound start & stop at top
Stick Control - Single Beat Variations
Warm Up in 4/4 Doubles with check pattern
Warm Up in 6/8 Doubles with check pattern

Coordinated Independence (Reading) pg1
Bass Drum Control
Drum Set Fill Patterns - Stickings/ Substitutions

Jacob Kaye

Reason? ... "How you do What you do, is almost as important as What you do... because without the How you diminish the What."

 DAILY PRACTICE SESSIONS - The most effective way to develop long - lasting skills and the continued development of those "skills", which you will require to surpass beyond your current level is by Practicing Correctly through daily sessions. "Practice-marathons" before lessons will NOT resolve the musical challenges you may have neglected during the week and result in what I refer to as "Cramming-Practise". The learning doesn't stay with you for very long.

PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT (for younger students) - This is an Opportunity!!! for you to get involved with younger children. They will need your encouragement and guidance to give them the tools to motivate them toward discipline in developing the "Habit of Practicing"...which is key to success!!!

Reads: "To Jacob, best wishes" Joe Cusatis (Peter Nero trio)

ONE-A-DAY- Spend enough FOCUSED time on each part or page to include all supplementary exercises assigned for your music lessons each and every day CONSISTENCY. Begin each session with a good progressive warm-up routine. (Drum Rudiments, Concepts or books designed for technique, etc.) Then, depending upon your level, the next step should be utilizing an established reading text to further develop your "reading skills". You'll need to Improve and/ or maintain Reading. Last but not least, for drum set, each day, use a text for Coordinated-Independence Development. Eventually there is Stylistic development and then a repertoire of established pieces of music for each style. This will depend on your skill level at the time.

Former student who was accepted into CEGEP Music Program

• FOCUSED PRACTISE - FOCUS your efforts on the drum set techniques, the "tools", you'll be taught to help you master the coordinated independence to achieve your goals. Avoid wasting time learning the here-today-gone-tomorrow, "Impressive Patterns/ Solos"! If you need to work on the snare drum, for example, move it out, away from the rest of the drum set in order to avoid any temptation to play the drum set. You must, with certainty, use a practice pad for technique work. (Use a metronome is essential!)

PARTICULARS - Make every effort, with absolute surety that you are performing the music according to the author's/ composer's intentions; rather than a perceived desire on your part for it to be performed any other way. Read more. Music Instruction Article Continues


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