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"Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell...!" Jim Chapin - circa 2005 (20th century’s most influential drum set educator)

Over over 35 yrs. international professional performance experience on stage, screen & television in a variety of musical styles.

Musician: Jazz & Contemporary Drummer - Teacher/ Consultant



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Skype Drum Lessons

Skype Lessons - lessons & consultations available wherever you are in the world . "One on one" access to a drum teacher for Moeller Method, Coordinated Independence, Styles Development, etc.

Take a 30 or 60 minute skype lesson
send an email from the Contact Page or details...

  • Upgrade your reading skills concepts for sight reading improvement, chart reading...
  • Hand technique development (Moeller Method)
  • Concepts to develop 4-Way Coordinated Independence
  • My Skype Studio - for ease of communication - We can use practice pad drum set or whatever you like.

Internet requirements:

  • PC or Mac with some type of DSL or high speed internet connection (dial up doesn't work)
  • Good quality web cam that has a built-in microphone
  • Speakers connected to your computer
  • Visual Computer Monitor
  • Register for a Skype account, it's FREE (get Skype here)

Paying by Paypal - You can choose to pay using credit card (all major cards), debit card, or bank account transfer without exposing any of your financial information to the merchant. (also FREE no sign up necessary) for a safe secure online transaction. It's a safer easier way to pay online. get PayPal here)

Please Note: Wireless Internet connections are not recommended for taking Online Live Lessons. Wireless Internet at times may encounter interference from household items such as cordless phones, microwave ovens, or even cell phones. To ensure your connection is the best it can possibly be, please use a direct connection to your modem, with some type of high speed internet connection.




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