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"Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school."
Lewis Thomas, Case for Music in the Schools, Phi Delta Kappa, 1994


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Coordinated Independence - Moeller Method
(Essentials for ALL drumming styles)

Moeller Method a "time-tested concept" is a MUST for every serious student of the instrument. Regardless of drumming style, age , student or professional, male or female & a prerequisite for advanced studies.

Quote: "Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell...!" Jim Chapin - (Moeller Method - 20th century’s most influential drum set educator)....

Coordinated Independence

For well over four decades, "the Chapin book" considered the definitive study on coordinated independence ... generations of drummers have struggled to master it. "I started studying from Advanced Techniques when I was about thirteen, and it was the first really frustrating thing I had encountered," says Dave Weckl. "That book definitely put me through changes. It was helping both my reading and my coordinated independence, and it brought me to a new level of concentration and ability... so it was the same thing all over again at a higher level. I always recommend that book."

Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer
Solo I C page 22


Moeller Method Demo
Individualized concepts for making definitive changes in your playing... advocating a well defined pro-active role to eliminate blocks in your progress and move you to your next level.


"(Sanford) Moeller analyzed everything and stressed taking everything apart. If you played a paradiddle, you would learn what each hand did by itself. So from the time Moeller showed me that, I was able to think in terms of doing one thing with one hand and one thing with the other. That was the reason I got into the things that later developed into my book, 'Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer'." Jim Chapin

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Moeller Method

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