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"Jacob, you've got GREAT hands!!! ...hands from hell...!" Jim Chapin - circa 2005 (20th century’s most influential drum set educator)

Over 35 yrs. international professional performance experience on stage, screen & television in diverse of musical styles.

Professional Jazz & Contemporary Drummer - Drum Set Educator



Testimonial: "Since I have been studying with Jacob my hand speed has doubled.  My independence is more solid, and I appreciate his willingness to take me out of my comfort zone in order to build my chops, I came to Jacob for drum set but, I have also seen a huge improvement in my timpani chops as well.  I feel lucky to be studying with a master." Terrence LaCroix, B.M. Northern Kentucky University (Orchestre Symphonique des Musiciens du Monde & Orchestre symphonique de l'isle)

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Coordinated Independence & Moeller Method
Drum Set Essentials

Drum Set is a unique instrument because of the four-way coordinated-independence essential to master.
"Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer" written by Jim Chapin.
For several decades, "the Chapin book" considered the definitive study on coordinated independence (as applied to ALL styles)... generations of drummers have struggled to master it.



Moeller Method Demo

Moeller Method applies to ALL drumming styles & grips. Every student, young and old, student and pro, male and female, will find this technique an essential prerequisite for any realistic Advanced studies. Moeller Method emphasizes relaxed, "natural" body movement & offers a more "open" playing approach to the instrument.


"Moeller made you play things with a continuous motion," Chapin said in a 1981 Modern Drummer article. "The motion was the message. You made the motion and the stick played it. After awhile, it almost played itself."

"(Sanford) Moeller analyzed everything and stressed taking everything apart. If you played a paradiddle, you would learn what each hand did by itself. So from the time Moeller showed me that, I was able to think in terms of doing one thing with one hand and one thing with the other. That was the reason I got into the things that later developed into my book, 'Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer'." Jim Chapin

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